Our Collection

CARTIER. A rutile quartz, diamond and platinum seal
An Art Deco lacquer silver and diamond cigarette case
CARTIER. A lapis lazuli, nephrite and turquoise cigarette case
A silver and enamel cigarette case
BOUCHERON. A lapis lazuli, lacquer and diamond lipstick
CHAUMET. A yellow gold and coral lipstick.
A rare 17th Century Indian mother-of-pearl and red lac casket
CARTIER. A gem-set, enamel and mother-of-pearl gold minaudière
An Art Deco red and egg shell lacquer cigarette case
GUSTAVE SANDOZ. An Art Deco lacquer cigarette box.
JEAN DUNAND. An egg shell and black lacquer box
GERARD SANDOZ. A silver, silver-gilt and enamel cigarette case
CARTIER. A gem-set and diamond 'Chinoiserie' compact
JEAN DUNAND. A red and eggshell lacquer box
JEAN DUNAND. A black and eggshell lacquer box
CHARLTON. A four-tone gold cigarette box
FREDRICK ELKINGTON. A set of twelve silver fish knives and forks with Shibayama handles
CARTIER. An alabaster, coral and emerald table cigarette box
CARTIER. A gem-set and enamel 'Chinoiserie' compact
A pair of Art Deco silver and cut glass decanters
OSTERTAG. An agate, lapis, onyx and jade tazza
A carved rock crystal and diamond case
A Contemporary silver and gold letter opener
BOUCHERON. Lapis lazuli and enamel 'Chinoiserie' vase
A Shakudo mixed-metal cockerel on a perch
A Russian sapphire and ruby mounted silver notebook
VAN CLEEF & ARPELS.  An Art Deco lipstick case